• Table of Contents
    1. "First Day of Work"
    2. Why should I care?
    3. What is Intelligence?
    4. Deprofessionalization
    5. The Crimson Permanent Assurance Gets Upskilled
    6. A Chasm Grows in Brooklyn
    7. The Modern Spontaneous Creative
    8. What UBI Doesn’t Solve
    9. The Fanatic
    10. Purpose
    11. Courage
    12. Meta-Learning
    13. If Kids Were Bonds...
    14. Education as Lift
    15. Experimental HR
    16. You as role model
    17. "Last Day on the Job"

During a visit to the Department of Education a few years ago, some of the world’s top education researchers posed this question: “How do we robot-proof students?”

The simple truth is that there is no skill or knowledge that is robot-proof. Still, every major government in the world has a policy paper about AI and the workforce. They are all wrong. None of them seem to understand anything about the most important component of the future of work: people.

How to Robot-Proof Your Kids is a book all about people. We are the complex, flawed, central characters in this story, one that explores what it means to be human in an increasingly automated world. Insightful, engaging, hilarious, vulnerable, and shocking, Dr. Vivienne Ming undertakes a truly fun and unusual tour through how natural and artificial intelligence will co-exist in the future.